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Mackrell Turner Garrett is on the move

New Office

From 25th March, Mackrell Turner Garrett’s London office will be located at Savoy Hill House, Savoy Hill, London, WC2R 0BU

Mackrell Turner Garrett is to complete an office move to the prestigious Savoy Hill House – part of the Duchy of Lancaster’s estate and an early home of the BBC.

For the last 70 years, Mackrell Turner Garrett’s London office has been based in Covent Garden, but the need to expand and move into a modernised, fully functional office suitable for an internationally-focused firm has seen us look for new premises.

A short walk from the High Court of Justice, Somerset House, Covent Garden and the South Bank, Savoy Hill House is easily accessible to clients and provides the perfect place to develop our growing team
of internationally recognised experts.

With a rich history dating back to 1880, Savoy Hill House forms part of the Savoy Estate, which includes the Savoy Hotel and the Queen’s Chapel of Savoy.

In 1884 Turkish baths were licensed to operate from its basement and from 1923-32 the building was home to the newly formed British Broadcasting Company (BBC) from where they broadcast for the first time daily weather forecasts and the Big Ben chimes, while early radio contributors included HG Wells and George Bernard Shaw.

Built in classical Victorian style, the building is now also the home to the Institute of Electrical Engineers.

The Mackrell Turner Garrett team looks forward to welcoming you to Savoy Hill House. Our contact details will remain the same after our move.

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