A BBC journalist who was sacked for failing to prioritise a story about the birth of Prince George has secured a £50,000 pay-out at an employment tribunal.

Ex-BBC producer, Mr Chandana Keerthi Bandara, said that he chose not to prioritise the ‘Royal Baby’ story because it clashed with the 30th anniversary of ‘Black July’ – an historic period of anti-Tamil violence which saw thousands of Sri Lankan people lose their lives.

The 57-year-old, who originates from Sri Lanka himself, had been employed by the BBC for 18 years, but was dismissed from employment immediately after the incident. The BBC said that that he allegedly ‘fought against’ management pressure to report on the ‘Royal Baby’ story.

Mr Bandara subsequently brought legal action against the BBC on grounds of unfair dismissal and race discrimination.

A tribunal ruled in the ex-journalist’s favour with regards to the former, but dismissed his claims of the latter, according to reports.

Mr Bandara managed to secure a £50,000 pay-out.

Commenting on the case, a BBC spokesperson has said: “The BBC takes disciplinary matters very seriously and we are disappointed with the outcome of this unfair dismissal claim.

“We note that the tribunal reduced the compensation awarded to Mr Bandara by 75 per cent and we will review the full decision of the tribunal carefully when it is available.”

Further details of the case are yet to be confirmed.