Charities, careers advisors, public speakers and authors have spoken out against discrimination in the workplace – reminding UK workers that discrimination is unacceptable in all forms and needs to be tackled effectively.

The comments come following calls from the Government Equality Office (GEO) to conduct a countrywide review into how transgender and intersex people are treated in the UK – including Minister Nicky Morgan’s proposals to update the ‘worryingly outdated’ Gender Recognition Act.

Speaking of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) discrimination in the workplace, Louise Kelly, information manager at LGBT charity Stonewall, said: “Don’t be a bystander. Anyone who witnesses inappropriate behaviour or ‘banter’ can challenge it, even if it’s not directed at them.

“Make sure colleagues know it’s never acceptable.

“Training staff on diversity and inclusion is not always enough – there needs to be strong messaging and support from the top.

“There is much employers can do to support their staff and make sure the behaviour is stopped. Senior leaders have an important part to play as role models,” she said.

Rachel Locke of the National Careers Advice service urged those who find themselves facing workplace discrimination to seek specialist advice.

“You’re not on your own and there is lots of support available,” she said.

Author and public speaker, Farnoosh Brock, added that concerned employees need to tread carefully when bringing action against their employers.

“If you have to stay in your job and cannot afford to risk unemployment, keep that in mind as you take action,” she said.

Discrimination in all forms is always unacceptable, says The Guardian. Those who feel that they are the target of discrimination in the workplace are advised to know their rights, and contact legal specialists for fool-proof support and advice.