A man in his fifties has died following an incident near Selby, which occurred while he was carrying out duties at a distribution depot.

The police were immediately called for and they subsequently launched an investigation into how the fatal accident took place, with a statement issued to confirm that they had been called due to reports of a collision on site.

In the statement, a North Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “The collision involved a tractor unit and a male pedestrian and happened in the loading area of the premises.

“Sadly, the pedestrian, a man aged in his fifties from the Wakefield area who was employed by Sainsbury’s, was pronounced deceased at the scene of the collision.

“His next of kin have been informed of his death.”

The distribution depot where the incident took place is managed by Wincanton, a British haulage and logistics firm, which serves a number of businesses across the UK.

The “tractor unit” that the police have referred to is believed to be the main piece of machinery used to reposition trailers in the loading yard, which enables various pallets and items to be loaded onto vehicles ready for distribution.

A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman, however, indicated that the deceased man had actually been employed directly by Wincanton.

She said: “Our sympathies are with the family of a colleague employed by our partner Wincanton, at the Sherburn site, following a tragic accident…

“We are assisting them and the police with their investigations.”

Meanwhile, the Health and Safety Executive has confirmed that any investigation into the incident will be conducted by the police and local council.