Hundreds of workers who were made redundant by a parcel delivery company have been awarded pay-outs following success at an Employment Tribunal.

258 former members of staff who were dismissed without consultation by West Midlands-based City Link brought a collective legal challenge against the firm at a Leeds Employment Tribunal – and have each been awarded 90 days’ pay.

City Link collapsed in December 2014, and thousands workers from across the West Midlands and beyond were left unemployed.

A number of former employees did not find out that they had lost their jobs until City Link’s collapse was announced on the news on Christmas Day.

By New Year’s Eve, some 2,500 employees had been made redundant without consultation – 258 of whom decided to take legal action against the firm.

An Employment Tribunal found that City Link had made “a conscious decision not to inform the employees or carry out any consultation” for its own “financial benefit”.

The Tribunal ruled: “the consequence of that decision was employees who could have been told on 22 December 2014 what was happening, perhaps been given information about redundancy payments, notice periods and so on, were told nothing. That led to their finding out they had lost their jobs on the news on Christmas Day”.