A man seriously injured in a sawmill accident by a machine which ‘should not have been in operation’ has launched a legal battle with hopes of attaining compensation.

Mr Stuart Boden, 43, lost the use of his right arm after a machine at John Gordon & Sons, Nairn, Scotland, pierced an artery and crushed several nerves in his arm whilst he carried out maintenance work.

Doctors and medical experts have told Mr Boden that it could take years for him to recover from the accident.

Previously, a Health and Safety executive investigated the incident and decided that no further action would be taken against the Nairn-based sawmill.

But now, Mr Boden has decided to launch a legal battle against the Scottish firm on grounds that the machine he was instructed to work on ‘should not have been in operation’.

Mr Boden told reporters that he “nearly died” during the incident – which occurred just three weeks after the company was fined £80,000 in relation to another case, which led to the death of an employee who became trapped in woodworking machinery.

Mr Boden, who is currently under the regular care of consultants, orthopaedic and vascular surgeons, said: “It was immediate pain and I kept thinking about my wife and kids and getting out of the machine and blood was pumping down my back.

“I get upset about the accident quite a lot. It’s an injury that will take possibly years to repair and get better.”