A new initiative which aims to cut delays experienced within the family courts has been launched with a pilot scheme.

The pilot scheme is set to track all public law cases issued from the start of April this year, and follows the launch of a case management system which monitors the progress of cases, as well as recording all case management decisions, adjournments, the use of experts and the reasons for each decision.

The initiative was announced by Mr Justice Ryder, who has been charged with modernising the family justice system, and he said: “For the first time the family courts will have a record of baseline information so as to understand where public law cases are allocated and what is the consequence in terms of delay of the case management decisions that are made.”

He added that the knowledge generated would lead to better management, judicial deployment and listing in the future.

A key change within the initiative is the establishment of the single new Family Court to replace the Family Proceedings Court, the family jurisdiction of the County court and the general family heard by the High Court.