A man has been warned that he will face a prison sentence if he does not submit a form detailing his financial position.

The individual had been told back in May that he needed to complete “Form E” following a divorce from his wife.

He failed to complete his paperwork before the July deadline and then did not show up for the First Directions Appointment.

Another hearing was scheduled for last month, but again the man failed to attend.

Judge Rowland said that his behaviour had demonstrated “contempt” for the family court proceedings.

Following the latest failure to turn up, the Judge said that he would give the man a final opportunity to comply with the court order.

If he fails to complete Form E within the next two weeks then he will be sentenced to three months in prison.

Form E is a document which must be completed as part of financial proceedings arising from a divorce. Parties are required to give a full and frank disclosure of their financial affairs so that the relevant information can be taken into consideration by the courts.

This case demonstrates that even in civil proceedings there can be serious sanctions imposed for failing to follow the correct procedure or ignoring orders made by a Judge.