Ryan Giggs, the former Manchester United football player and interim manager, has dropped a petition to block journalists from reporting on his High Court divorce.

The football star, who announced his separation from wife Stacey earlier this year, initially applied to the Courts to have an order preventing media representatives from attending hearings.

But according to Mr Justice Cobb, Mr Giggs is no longer pursuing the privacy application.

The Judge ruled that the media should be able to report on the dispute and name the individuals involved, but it could not report on any of the financial information aired during litigation proceedings or identify the children involved.

Ms Giggs’ representation said: “Given the sensitive nature of this matter, Mrs Giggs wishes to make no comment on the current proceedings other than to ask that her privacy and that of her family is respected.

“She understands that coverage of these matters has the potential to cause upset and distress, something which she is determined to avoid at all costs.”

Last year, an inquiry into high-profile divorce battles and whether they should be made less secretive sparked controversy after two judges clashed over opposing views.

Mr Justice Holman said there was a “pressing need” for more openness in the Courts, while Mr Justice Mostyn said such disputes are “quintessentially private business”.

Lady Justice King said the issue would be considered by a panel of appeal judges in the “relatively near future”.