A British engineering firm and a contract farming company have pleaded guilty to health and safety failings – which could see both firms fined with tens of thousands of pounds.

The news comes after an unfortunate employee of Norwich-based engineers and borehole drillers, TW Page and Son, suffered serious injuries while working at a site owned by North Walsham-based LF Papworth Ltd.

Both companies found themselves before Norwich Crown Court this week, following an incident which involved an employee suffering a serious electric shock in April 2014.

A Court heard that Mr Jon Howes was electrocuted at LF Paperworth’s Site after the drilling rig he was working on came into contact with a power line – which sent a devastating 33,000 volts through his body.

Mr Howes told a Court that he sustained serious injuries from the incident, after the shock threw him to the ground.

Two officers dragged the injured employee to safety – risking their own lives in the process, a Court was told.

TW Page and Son pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to discharge its duty by exposing Mr Howes to health and safety risks that breached the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Site owners LF Paperworth Ltd also pleaded guilty to health and safety failings, and a Court ruled that the duo would be later sentenced on 20 July.

Maximum sentencing powers of £20,000 were deemed insufficient by a Judge.