The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a legal battle against a property management company for allegedly failing to conduct proper maintenance checks at one of its residential properties.

The news comes after a resident at Marsden House, a block of flats in Bolton, Manchester managed by Warwick Estates Property Management, Harlow, Essex, fell down a poorly maintained elevator shaft and sustained serious injuries.

Craig Jones, 27, was rushed into hospital following the incident in August 2014, and died from inoperable injuries shortly afterwards.

Warwick Estates Property Management now faces charges under the Health and Safety at Work Act of failing to properly maintain and manage the Manchester property.

The HSE brought the case before Bolton Magistrates Court on Monday, yet Magistrates declined jurisdiction and postponed the case to a preliminary hearing at Bolton Crown Court, which will take place on June 20.

Warwick Estates Property Management told the Court that they were not currently in a position to indicate a plea.