Three British tourists are taking legal action against the TUI travel group, following tragic “wave injuries” sustained at a Cape Verde beach resort.

The unfortunate holidaymakers stayed at the five-star Riu Touareg resort in Boa Vista back in 2012, when they were struck by severe waves at a private beach advertised by Thompson (a TUI subsidiary), as being part of their resort.

The trio, who all suffered serious fractures or broken bones following wave impacts on the stretch of beach, have teamed up, and are taking legal action against TUI following claims that colour-coded flags indicated it was safe to swim in the beach’s waters.

Rene Dickinson, 48, from Wigan, Lancashire, is a fully qualified diver, yet still struggled with the sheer force of the wave that stuck his legs he was leaving the water in May 2012.

Dickinson was hospitalised in Cape Verde for three days with a broken leg, before being flown back to Hope Hospital in Manchester for essential surgery and blood transfusions.

Retired nurse Margaret Nuckley, 60, from Sandown, Isle of Wight, fractured her leg at the same resort several weeks later, sustaining severe spinal injuries.

She found herself wheelchair-bound while abroad, and the unfortunate tourist claims that she still struggles to walk.

“I’ve been in agony ever since,” she said.

Again, in October 2012, many months later, Therapist Joanne Hunt, 50, fractured her spine at Thompson’s same stretch of beach.

In a statement, the trio said: “We have been left with no choice but to issue court proceedings against TUI UK Ltd as they have continued to deny liability for the injuries sustained”.

A spokesperson for TUI UK Ltd said: “We were, of course, sorry to hear of the experiences of these three customers in Cape Verde in 2012. However, as this is now subject to legal proceedings it would be inappropriate for us to comment further”.