According to reports, internet service providers (ISPs) in the UK are to closely monitor customer activity and to issue cautionary letters to those found to be illegally sharing pirated content on the internet.

The move, in collaboration with Creative Content UK, follows a crackdown on online copyright infringement which will see customers who illegally share protected content have their IP addresses highlighted by rights holders.

Following confirmation that copyright infringement has taken place, ISPs will then issue customers with ‘cautionary’ letters, warning them that their activity has been monitored and providing guidance on online copyright law.

A Virgin Media spokesperson said that: “Virgin Media and other ISPs will soon begin sending educational emails to customers who are associated with illegal file-sharing and direct to them to a dedicated website with a list of genuine sources of where they, and others who use their account, can legally access movies, music, TV shows, books, newspapers, games and sports.”

This initiative must surely be seen as a positive step towards raising consumer awareness on sharing pirated content with a clear goal of helping reduce online copyright infringement.