Energy UK, the trade association for the UK energy industry representing over 90 suppliers and generators of electricity and gas, has voiced copyright infringement concerns over ‘novelty bills’. According to newspaper reports one member of Energy UK, namely Scottish Power, has been targeted by websites that sell fraudulent documents online.

The said websites reportedly offer false reproductions of bills claiming to be from the likes of Scottish Power or Scottish Hydro. In addition, personalised documents with bogus bank branding from Nationwide, Halifax and Santander are also offered for sale.

False documents are usually sold to consumers at a cost of around £25 per page, and there are serious concerns about how these documents are utilised. In particular, such documents could effectively help buyers create a ‘fraud toolkit’ in the form of a false name and address backed up by false bank and utility statements.

Energy UK has also raised concerns in relation to copyright infringement.

An Energy UK spokesperson has said:  “We are aware that so-called novelty bills are available from certain websites and that they represent a risk, however small, of copyright infringement and fraudulent behaviour.

They added: “We will track incidents across the industry to see how big the problem is and the best course of action to deal with it.”

According to newspaper reports, Energy UK will discuss the issue in October at one of its regular meetings.