The Walt Disney Co. has been hit with a trade mark infringement challenge from UK-based luxury goods store Alice Looking.

The UK-based company, which specialises in selling bespoke products inspired by Lewis Caroll’s iconic book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, owns registered US trade marks for ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ in classes 14, 16, 25, 28 and 35.

The retailer met with Disney representatives in January 2015 after promotions for the film raised concerns and claims Disney had been fully aware of their registered intellectual property rights.

Alice Looking said: “The marketing of the film under terms identical to the mark is plainly of concern … because it is likely that members of the public will associate our client’s products under the mark with the products (the film and associated merchandise) of Disney’s”.

Nevertheless, reports suggest that Disney began selling ‘similar’ products including clothing, make-up and chess boards, bearing Alice Looking’s trade mark.

Reports also suggest that Alice Looking is now seeking to take legal action against Disney, with a view to seeking damages in relation to infringing its intellectual property rights.

In any event, both parties will find it difficult to argue they “own” the words “Alice Through the Looking Glass” because the words are taken directly from Lewis Carroll’s book title and the book has achieved public domain status.