A UK tech start-up which is facing a legal battle with a US competitor over patent infringement has responded in an unusual way – by counter claiming for infringement of a different patent .

US-based Bounce Exchange accused budding UK software creator Yieldify of infringing its patents, in an ‘unfair claim’ which Yieldify bosses have described as ‘bullying’.

Bounce Exchange have accused the British company, which was first set up in 2012 and has been backed by Google and SoftBank, of “actively inducing others to infringe and/or contributing to the infringement [of Bounce Exchange’s patents].”

In response to the claim, Yieldify has launched a separate patent infringement case against Bounce Exchange, based on a patent it recently purchased from another tech firm.

Yieldify CEO Jay Radia insisted that his company “will not get bullied by any organisation that brings forward frivolous and unfair claims and misuse legal systems for their advantage.”

Mr Radia labelled Bounce Exchange as a “tyrant” and in response, Bounce Exchange CEO Ryan Urban attacked the new case as “a diversionary tactic [from Yieldify] when faced with a losing lawsuit.”

The two companies, who have been disputing patent infringement allegations since early 2015, refused to comment on the ongoing cases.