‘Racist’ posters and leaflets advertising non-existent auditions for TV show Britain’s Got Talent have caught the eye of the show’s actual producers – who claim that the printers of such material have infringed their copyright.

The news comes after the offensive posters – which invite ‘immigrant talent’ to take part in a ‘post-Brexit’ special of the show, were spotted in and around Bristol.

Thought to have been plastered across the city by ‘racist’ extremists, the leaflets and posters reportedly read: “If you are an immigrant, no matter how big or small, and have a talent that you would like to share, then we would love to see you!

“In this post Brexit Special, we are searching for someone with the talent to unite a nation in front of its television screens, for a chance to win a full UK citizenship.

“Prove your talent! Earn your stay! Entertain us! Or leave today!”

Thames TV, the producers of Britain’s Got Talent have announced that they intend to discover who the hate-mongering printers of the posters are and take action against them. The posters in question advertise a bogus audition in Bristol on Saturday 27 August, using a non-existent email address to make contact with the organisers.

Commenting on the posters, a spokesperson for Thames TV said: “This leaflet is clearly a fake and has nothing to do with Britain’s Got Talent or Thames TV, nor does it represent any of our views.

“We take the unauthorised use of our brand and copyright seriously and will act accordingly against any infringement.”

The actual auditions for Britain’s Got Talent were held on the 4th and 7th September in Bristol, with a further audition on the 13th September, increasing the potential damage to the show’s brand image from the infringing posters.