The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), the UK’s anti-piracy body has been re-launched through an expansion of its intellectual property (IP) protection services.

FACT, which has a reputation for combatting film and television piracy, has expanded its IP protection to tackle video game, music and leisure industry piracy.

Kieron Sharp, a director at FACT, said it will look into working with “smaller audio-visual producers and non-AV IP sectors such as games, music and leisure.”

Despite FACT’s change of focus, the UK’s leading IP protection organisation claims that its strategic and tactical solutions are specifically designed to prevent and/or limit all forms of IP crime.

Following FACT’s expansion of their protection services in the audio-visual industry, FACT’s chairman, Mike Barley, claimed “we are about to embark on a new and exciting chapter for FACT which offers great opportunities to intellectual property rights holders both in the UK and overseas.”