Travellers Have Talent, a Somerset-based talent show for the travelling community, has been forced to change its name and advertising following a legal dispute over copyright infringement.

The organisers behind the X-Factor-inspired show say they have been formally contacted by another talent competition, Travellers GOT Talent 2016, who have alleged that they are infringing their copyright and trademarks.

Travellers Have Talent co-ordinator, Polly Worner, has been pressured to alter her show’s name to Gypsy Travellers Have Talent, following the threat of legal action from the rival show.

The contest has also been pushed out of the Somerset area and forced to postpone shows. It is now expected to take place at a later date in Surrey, possibly with a new host and further alterations.

The bizarre dispute between the two rival talent competitions has been shaking up social media for some time prior to copyright infringement claims.

For several weeks, the embittered Travellers GOT Talent 2016 competition has garnered attention on a rival Facebook group, which has previously threatened hopeful performers with disqualification from its own competition, should they decide to enter Worner’s similar production.

A cautionary post on the online group, which was published alongside an advertisement for Ms Worner’s now-postponed 8:35pm show on Thursday, read: “Just to let everyone know this is not me and it’s trying to take over. If you enter this then you will be disqualified from Travellers Got Talent 2016. Sorry, these are the producer’s rules which I’ve agreed on.”

The Facebook group has publicly slated Ms Worner’s rival competition on several occasions, more recently announcing that Travellers GOT Talent 2016 has “reported” Worner for “infringement of (their) copyrights and trademarks.”

Ms Worner had originally been hoping to secure a television contract for her show, but now fears that the ongoing legal dispute has dramatically reduced her chances of securing a deal.

Worner said: “We’re (both) competing for the same sponsorship and contracts… But we’re prepared to fight this though and I personally think they (Travellers GOT Talent 2016) are just bluffing.”