A rogue landlord found guilty of breaching houses in multiple occupation (HMO) regulations and operating without a licence has been ordered to pay a hefty fine in Court.

Ms Maria Rosa De Simone Ramjohn was ordered to pay a fine of £9,000, plus additional costs of £1,425 and a £150 victim surcharge, after she pleaded guilty to several breaches of housing regulations.

The rogue landlord ‘repeatedly’ put her tenants at risk of injury and ‘endangered their lives’ through neglecting her East Oxford property and failing to keep it in an acceptable state of repair, a Court heard.

The comments followed an investigation of the HMO carried out by environmental health officers, which revealed serious fire safety concerns, poor maintenance throughout the home and an ‘unsafe’ and cluttered garden.

The 73-year-old was charged with five counts of failing to comply with regulations in respect of HMO management. She also pleaded guilty to being a controller or manager of a HMO acting without a licence.

Alex Hollingsworth, of Oxford City Council, said: “Unlicensed and poorly-managed properties often pose significant health risks to tenants and we will continue to investigate and prosecute landlords who rent them out.

“This case illustrates why we believe that the Court should impose stiff penalties on landlords who wilfully ignore the law, and I am pleased that they have done so in this instance”.