A Judge has overturned the will of a man who had signed away 95 per cent of his estate to one party.

The contents of David Poole’s estate were originally to be passed to his “supporting landlord”, Mark Everall, who had cared for him following a motorcycle accident.

Mr Poole had been awarded over £1 million in damages after the accident, and had been living under the care of Mr Everall for 22 years.

However, Mr Poole’s brothers, Darren and Sean, challenged the legitimacy of the will after discovering they had received nothing.

After taking matters to the High Court, the Judge considered the will to be unrepresentative, and ruled that Mr Poole did not understand the consequences of it.

Some 60 per cent of Mr Poole’s estate will now be passed to charity – as set out in an earlier will.

Sean Poole said: “I was staggered when I found out it was 95 per cent, that me and my brother would receive nothing and about the money going to charity being cut.

“When I heard the judge had said those things it was just a relief, no-one in authority had ever believed us.

“That will was never my brother’s true wishes, I wanted to honour my brother so took it to court.”

Sean added: “This was never about money, it was about the principle of honouring my brother’s true intentions”.