The looming general election to be held on 8 June 2017 combined with the uncertainty of Brexit would have, you may suspect, left the voluntary sector in somewhat of a twitchy state of affairs. However, a new report seems to suggest that charitable donations at least have been relatively unaffected by political turbulence.

A study published by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) at the beginning of April found that, for the most part, Brexit has had no effect – or a very limited effect – on such donations, which hit £9.7bn last year.

The Foundation’s annual UK Giving Report revealed a high level of participation in social action (i.e attending protests and signing petitions) throughout the year, but ultimately found that the EU Referendum had no real impact on the likelihood of Britons to donate.

CAF’s study, which quizzed 8,000 people, found that the average contribution for a charitable donation or sponsorship throughout the year was £18.

It is also found that 89 per cent of people claimed to have ‘done something charitable’ in 2016, up ten per cent from figures recorded in 2015.

61 per cent of respondents directly donated money to charities throughout the year, while 56 per cent donated goods to charity and 17 per cent volunteered to help out with a charitable cause.

Cash was revealed as the most common way people decided to donate, while medical research was the most popular cause Britons chose to support.

This research appears to suggest that the importance of charity has not been overlooked in recent months and that the generosity of the British public has indeed remained resilient in the face of political turbulence.

In fact, at this critical time in our nation’s history, with a record number of Britons becoming involved in protests, petitions and campaigning, the idea of the British people ‘making a difference’ is perhaps stronger than it’s ever been.

A proactive ‘get involved’ attitude appears to have swept the nation, and there is a good chance that charitable donations and charity involvement will continue to gain momentum for the foreseeable future.

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