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Mackrell Turner Garrett secures major licensing win for Kingston nightclub

Robert JappieThe owners of a Kingston nightclub have retained their licence following a serious incident at their premises thanks to a leading regulatory and criminal solicitor at mid-tier London law firm Mackrell Turner Garrett.

Robert Jappie, Head of the firm’s Crime and Regulatory Group, has assisted a prominent Kingston nightclub owner by representing them at a license review hearing into the attack, which apparently left a person with ‘life-changing’ injuries.

The hearing was brought before a Kingston Council licensing Sub-committee sitting at Kingston Guildhall after a female at the nightclub was struck in the face by a glass, which the applicant said led to her sustaining lacerations to the face.

During the first hearing the council took the decision to suspend the license for 12 days after the applicant, London Metropolitan Police Service, opened the case against the license-holder on the basis that revocation of the license was necessary, proportionate and unavoidable following the serious incident at the club.

This argument was challenged by barrister Abigail Bright, who was instructed by Robert Jappie, who questioned the evidence called by the applicant about safety of patrons at the venue and adequacy of on-site security arrangements.

At a second hearing, the Licensing Sub-Committee reviewed the argument put by the license holder’s team and ordered that the license would not be revoked or suspended.

Speaking after the hearing, Robert Jappie said: “In serious cases such as this it is important to ensure that all parties are properly protected and while it is very unfortunate that this person has suffered injuries as a result of this attack, the Sub-Committee at Kingston Council has ruled that there are no grounds to revoke or further suspend the owner’s license.

“I am glad we were able to assist them with this hearing, following this isolated incident at their club.”

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