Elliott Rolfe

Elliott is a leading member of the fast-growing, award-winning Cannabis Law team at Mackrell.Solicitors Having previously worked in a regulatory role as a solicitor for a major investment banking institution, Elliott has a strong background advising on a range of complex legal issues.

Having acted for various banks, Elliott is experienced in liaising with multi-national civil and criminal regulators in a variety of contexts and advising on a broad range of EU and international regulations.

Before joining the world of banking, Elliott worked as a specialist litigation paralegal at a ‘Magic Circle’ law firm.

Elliott is keenly interested in drug policy reform and regulation, and is a supporting community member of the organisation DrugScience – the leading independent scientific body on drugs in the UK.

It works to provide clear, evidence-based information to the public and institutions without political or commercial interference.

Elliott holds a Certificate in Medical Cannabis from the University of Colorado, completed an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Kent, and holds a Diploma in Law and a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

He is part of the firm’s stated intent to be at the forefront of legal developments in medicinal cannabis and other psychoactive substances, so that he can provide clients with advice on these emerging areas of law.