Conveyancing Pricing Structure

Range of legal costs for advice – excluding disbursements
No property is exactly the same, as our fees will reflect the particular requirements of your sale or purchase. For example, dealing with a listed building may, because of the added complexities, cost more than dealing with a new freehold property. Because of this, we can’t give you a reliable estimate of the cost of us helping you until we have the details of your intended transaction, but our fees for conveyancing start from £745 + VAT £149. Of course, if one of our cases does have unexpected complications, we always inform you of that immediately, and would fully discuss the potential consequences of that before any extra charges were incurred. That’s why we will always give you an individual cost estimate at the start of the transaction, taking into account the actual features of your purchase. We will always advise you immediately about any complication, and discuss the potential impact on price before any additional charges are incurred.
Property ValueSale or Purchase conveyancing feeRemortgage fee
£0 - £500,000From £745 + VAT £149 to £1,175 + VAT £235From £500 + VAT £100 to £700 + VAT £140
£500,001 to £1,000,000From £995 + VAT £199 to £1,650 + VAT £330From £750 + VAT £150 to £1,000 + VAT £200
£1,000,001 to £2,000,000From £1,650 + VAT £330 to £2,250 + VAT £450From £1,250 + VAT £250 to £1,500 + VAT £300
Over £2,000,000Budget for fees of approximately 0.15% of the price

Adjustments, Assumptions and Exclusions

Fees are quoted exclusive of disbursements, and assume the property is a single registered freehold title of a single residential dwelling.

Fees on purchase include acting for a lender who adheres to the Council of Mortgage Lenders Handbook.

Leasehold properties are subject to a surcharge of £250 + VAT £50.

New Build Properties are subject to a surcharge of £500 + VAT £100.

Shared ownership schemes/help to buy schemes subject to surcharge of £500 + VAT £100.

Help to Buy ISAs are subject to a surcharge of £50 plus VAT £10 (per ISA).

Equity Release schemes subject to surcharge of £500 + VAT £100.

Deed of Gifts are subject to a surcharge of £75 plus VAT £15 (per gift) and may attract indemnity insurance and related fees.

Simple Declaration of Trusts are subject to a surcharge of £250 plus VAT £50. Any complex matters will be dealt with by our Private Client department.

Registration of a Charge at Companies House is subject to a surcharge of £100 plus VAT £20.

Indemnity Insurance Admin fee can range from £50-£100 plus VAT £10-£20 per indemnity policy.

Fees on sale include dealing with the discharge of 1 legal charge for a lender who adheres to the Council of Mortgage Lender’s Handbook.

Fees on a separate mortgage or remortgage instruction assume the lender instructs us on the basis of the Council of Mortgage Lender’s handbook.

Fees in the case of a purchase or mortgage/remortgage where the lender has separate representation add £500 + VAT £100.

Standard conveyancing work will identify any problems and suggest solutions that a prudent buyer/seller/lender should deal with, but may not cover the cost of rectifying such problems.

Additional work will be charged on a fixed fee basis, we will be pleased to provide you a fixed fee for the additional work prior to commencing the work.

Transactions arising from auction sales and purchases are excluded, but we will be pleased to provide a separate estimate for these on request.

Transactions that are not registered at the Land Registry are excluded, but we will be pleased to provide a separate estimate for this on request.

Experience and qualifications of those carrying out the service
Position Please tick
Senior Associate
Trainee Solicitor
Anticipated DisbursementsVatable/Non Vatable
Petty disbursements on a sale will not usually exceed £100.00, except where we are required to pay a freeholder or management company to do something. Vatable
Disbursements on a purchase will include: Searches (approx £400) Vatable
Land Registry fees range between £20 - £1,105
Please see link to fee-scales :
Petty disbursements of approximately £100. Vatable
Electronic transfers of funds charged at £25 per transfer Vatable (£5 for electronic transfer)
SDLT return admin fee is £7 (per return) Vatable (£1.40 for electronic transfer)

Our fees cover all the work required to complete the purchase of your new home, including dealing with registration at the Land Registry and dealing with the payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax (Stamp Duty). The payment due can be calculated here:

Fees exclude payments to third parties (e.g. Landlords or management agents) for providing information or documents.

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