Crime, Fraud & Regulatory Disputes

Business Crime & Regulatory Disputes
Facing criminal charges of any description can be a daunting prospect, especially if you have never been in trouble with the law before.

Our team of highly experienced lawyers have built a strong reputation for successfully advising clients in all areas of criminal law including murder, manslaughter, drug offences, driving related offences, sex offences, assault and GBH, theft, robbery, criminal damage, and all interviews conducted under PACE.

From the police station to the court, we will provide sympathetic and realistic advice about the best way forward.

We act for a range of people and corporations including high profile and high net worth individuals and those of good character, facing potential reputational and professional ruin as a result of a criminal investigation.

We will provide the best possible legal representation and can expertly guide you through the legal process, whether you plead guilty or not guilty. Our team of specialists are well renowned for persuading investigative teams and prosecutors to drop their cases, consider reduced sentences or lower penalties.

Our services include:

  • Advising individuals and families facing criminal proceedings
  • Advising the victims of crime
  • Advising individuals in regards to complaints against the police
  • Dealing with the interaction of criminal proceedings and inquests

Our lawyers have experience of working in a range of courts from Magistrates Courts to the Crown Court and Supreme Court, while we are also experienced in Courts Martial (UK and Abroad).

Meet the team
Nigel Rowley

Nigel Rowley

Managing Partner