Intellectual Property and Technology Litigation

Our expert team represents commercial organisations and individuals in the highly specialised area of Intellectual Property (IP)

Companies large and small commit significant resources to designing and developing goods.

If their IP rights are breached it can have a drastic negative effect on profitability, future research and development and, in a worst case scenario, future sustainability and the ability to continue trading. Protecting and enforcing your IP is therefore paramount.

We can provide expert assistance on a wide range of IP and Technology matters both contentious and non-contentious including:

  • Abuse of confidential information, trade secrets and confidentiality agreement breaches
  • Advice relating to fair use and passing off
  • Brand and reputation management and protection
  • Copyright protection whether you are media or software creators
  • Disputes relating to domain names
  • Enforcement or defence of your IP, including trade marks, copyright, design rights and patents
  • Help for start-ups to protect their own IP, while not falling foul of other companiesā€™ IP rights
  • IP audit and due diligence
  • Trade Mark/Design Right registration, portfolio management and enforcement nationally and worldwide

Our Intellectual Property and Technology Litigation team is led by Muhammed Poswall.

His wealth of expertise in litigation, together with his specialist knowledge of IP matters and his background in electronic engineering, combine to produce a unique skill set when working alongsideĀ  clients to protect and enforce their interests.

Meet the team
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James Atton


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