Criminal defence

If you are facing a criminal investigation or the prospect of a criminal prosecution you need expert legal advice, whatever the allegations may be.

A criminal conviction for even a fairly minor offence can have far-reaching implications for your professional reputation and activities – including earnings from commercial activities or sponsorship – and your personal life.

We understand the potential damage that can arise from a criminal investigation or prosecution and will provide technical knowledge, experience and robust representation, with the aim of achieving the best outcome for you.

The progress of a criminal investigation often depends on things said or done while someone is in police custody, so legal advice at the earliest possible stage is essential. Whether or not a police investigation leads to a charge, we can provide expert support during questioning and enable clients to make informed decisions.

Our criminal lawyers have built a strong reputation for successfully advising clients in all areas of criminal law. From the police station to Magistrates’ Courts or Crown Court, we will provide constructive, realistic advice the best way forward.

For more information on our criminal defence services for sporting professionals, please contact us.