Dispute resolution and litigation

At Mackrell.Solicitors, our focus in everything we do for our clients is to deliver constructive solutions.

That includes achieving positive outcomes where disputes occur, by resolving these as constructively, quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

We’ll assess the facts and the legal issues involved, so that we can provide objective advice about the strengths and weaknesses of your case and your available options, with a focus on settling the matter as quickly, cost effectively and constructively as possible.

We offer expertise in arbitration and the alternative dispute resolution techniques of conciliation and mediation, which give those involved in the dispute greater control in reaching an agreement and can make it easier for them to maintain a relationship once the matter has been concluded.

If disputes cannot be resolved in this way, we offer expert litigation services and robust representation to protect your interests. We can assist with issues including:

  • employment-related disputes
  • obtaining money owed under contracts
  • contractual issues arising from injury
  • disciplinary matters
  • contract terminations and obtaining money owed
  • personal injury matters
  • clinical negligence
  • property disputes
  • intellectual property disputes.

For more information on our London dispute resolution and litigation legal services for sporting professionals, please contact us.