Employment issues

As a sporting professional, you want to perform at your best at all times. You can only achieve peak performance if you are happy with your working situation.

Your contract is key to providing an environment in which you can deliver your best, by giving you peace of mind about the terms and conditions under which you work, your employment rights and your employer’s responsibilities towards you.

At Mackrell.Solicitors solicitors in London, we can provide expert advice on all aspects of employment contracts and other employment law issues, with a focus on protecting your best interests.

With contracts often the trigger for potentially costly and time-consuming disputes, putting the right contract in place from the start is crucial.

We can assist in reviewing standard contracts, clarifying their content and negotiating changes or new clauses specific to you, ensuring that contract terms accurately reflect what has been agreed during negotiations.

We can also advise on putting in place new contracts, on contract renewals and on issues arising from contract terminations.

We have particular expertise in settlement agreements, under which an employment relationship is brought to an end and the employer makes a severance payment in return for the employee’s agreement not to bring legal claims against them. We can advise on whether such an agreement would be in your best interests and assist with drafting the agreement.

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