Cannabis Industry

Mackrell Turner Garrett is unique in its expertise in the UK for advising businesses with an interest in products or services that include cannabis derivatives.

As a founding member of global legal network Mackrell International, we are able to draw upon the knowledge of some of the world’s leading lawyers in states and countries around the world where cannabis is currently legalised and are at the forefront of advising pioneering businesses entering the UK’s cannabis market.

Our advice is complemented with knowledge and experience from “cannabis legal” jurisdictions, such as Colorado and Nevada, where members of our Mackrell International are some of the leading advisers on drug law.  This includes advising businesses on the commercialisation of medicinal and recreational cannabis.

By working with our peers and studying current models of legalisation, we are able to provide tailored support to those seeking to enter the cannabis industry in the UK.

Pharmaceutical businesses and the limited number of companies licensed to cultivate the drug for medical use in Britain need the support of an experienced legal team as they face a quickly evolving, complex set of regulatory and commercial challenges.

As a forward-thinking firm, we are ready to deal with a wide range of matters that may emerge from the changing national and international attitudes to this drug, ensuring businesses are able to make the most of new opportunities.

Our Expertise

Our leading position in the provision of high-quality legal service to the UK cannabis industry and our close connection to legal experts in jurisdictions where the drug is already legalised has led us to develop a unique set of services, which include:

  • Commercialisation of cannabis
  • Employment issues relating to cannabis
  • Contracts
  • Litigation
  • Licensing
  • Advice on regulatory compliance
  • Criminal defence

Our Team

Our department is led by Robert Jappie, an experienced solicitor, who has spent much of his career working with organisations exploring the regulation of drugs such as cannabis.

Robert is the Head of Mackrell Turner Garrett’s Crime and Regulatory Team in London and has close connections within the legislative world, providing him with a unique insight into the complexities of UK drugs policy and the difficulties and opportunities of legalising cannabis.

As a result of our founding membership of Mackrell International – a Top 20 global group of lawyers with nearly 5,000 members in over 60 countries – Robert is also able to call on expertise and knowledge from fellow peers who are experts in drug legislation and commercialisation.

Meet the team

Robert Jappie

Senior Associate