Britons urged to be wary of neighbourly disputes this summer

Britons urged to be wary of neighbourly disputes this summer

Britons are being urged to be wary of neighbourly disputes this summer, which are likely to become more common as the weather heats up and people start spending more time outdoors using noisy garden equipment or hosting BBQs and parties.

A recent study found that as many as two thirds of Britons have ran into troubles with a ‘nuisance neighbour’ at least once.

The research, which quizzed more than 2,000 people, found that ‘noise disturbances’ made up the bulk of complaints.

Loud music and noisy children were two of the most common annoyances cited by frustrated neighbours – issues which may be exacerbated in the summer with people spending more time in their gardens.

Worryingly, a separate study carried out by consumer magazine Which? last year revealed that the average Briton unknowingly breaks the law at least once a day by causing an ‘illegal disturbance’ of some kind.

The rules surrounding such disturbances can sometimes be surprising and highly specific. For example, power tools and ‘noisy appliances’ – which may even include washing machines – should only be used between 8am-6pm on weekdays, 8am-1pm on Saturdays, and never on a Sunday according to English Law.

It is important that Britons are aware of their legal standing and, equally so, of what constitutes ‘nuisance behaviour’ in order to avoid running into an accidental dispute which may escalate further.

If a dispute does arise, it is always sensible to seek advice at the earliest possible opportunity.