Creative Bodies Urge Government To Consider Importance Of Post-Brexit IP Rights

Posted on Friday November 11, 2016

Following a study by the Creative Industries Federation (CFI), the Government has been urged to do everything it can to uphold Intellectual Property (IP) rights during Brexit negotiations with the European Union (EU).

The calls, which come from the British Fashion Council amongst other trade bodies, suggested that a potential impact upon current IP rights remained one of the industry’s main concerns post-Brexit.

In a 73 page long report of the current situation produced by the CFI, it found that designers may potentially be vulnerable to overseas competitors infringing their IP rights if adequate safeguards were not enforced and maintained post-Brexit.

John Kampfner, the CFI’s chief executive, suggested that the Government must “uphold intellectual property rights” and stressed that it was important for the UK government to do all they could to secure “jobs, the revenues and the prestige” associated with the creative industries.