Man awarded £5 million in case of clinical negligence

Man awarded £5 million in case of clinical negligence

The High Court has awarded a man a £5 million compensation package after losing his memory in hospital, it has been reported.

The Court found Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust liable for the man’s condition.

The aspiring model had contracted a rare form of herpes virus while in care, which led to a severe loss of memory.

The virus left him with nearly no recollection of recent events and disjointed memories of his past life, the Court heard.

His lawyers claimed that he was negligently treated in 2008 at the Trust’s Royal Hampshire Hospital.

In a London High Court, Judge Neil Bidder called the impact of the virus on the man’s life as “quite disastrous”.

He said the man’s dreams of a top modelling career were devastated by the rare virus, herpes simplex encephalitis.

Lawyers also claimed that the man has contracted behavioural problems as a result of the memory loss.

They said he is now “difficult to cope with” and “tends not to co-operate with those trying to help”.

Judge Bidder awarded the man a settlement in the form of a £2.5 million lump sum and tax-free annual payments to cover the costs of lifelong care.

He added that the payments will be increased if early onset dementia develops.