Always be prepared, says Mackrell Turner Garrett

Always be prepared, says Mackrell Turner Garrett

On 1 April the London offices of leading full-service law firm Mackrell Turner Garrett experienced the loss of its electricity, phone and internet due to a major fire in Holborn, which affected a number of businesses in the capital.

The first sign that something was wrong came around midday when the firm’s internet connection was cut. By 2.30pm the situation had worsened when the power went out across the building.

For some companies this may have stopped trading all together however, thanks to careful continuity planning the firm was able to continue providing services with minimal disruption.

Within a short time of the internet connection being lost, the team at Mackrell Turner Garrett sprang into action quickly posting a message on its website informing clients of the issue and redirecting all calls through their office in Surrey.

By the following day it was clear how serious the situation was and in order to continue providing services to their clients they contacted their IT consultants and deployed their disaster recovery plan, relocating the servers off site so that staff could work remotely with access to emails and the full system.

In the meantime a second internet line, which had already been installed prior to the incident to ensure continuity of services, was brought online and the servers returned to site allowing the office based in Savoy Hill to access the internet once again and by Tuesday 7 April the electricity had been restored, telephones were back in action and operations were returned to normal.

Julie Pryor, CEO of Mackrell Turner Garrett, said: “We have had a continuity plan in place for many years. On moving to our new premises two years ago we reviewed this plan in order to make sure it was up to date with all of our requirements should the worst happen.

“As part of this plan we installed a second internet connection and put in place procedures that would allow us to continue operating as normally as we could in the event of a disaster of any sort.

“Thanks to the success of this plan and clear communication between our staff and our other office, we were able to continue offering a full service to our clients without any break.

“I would say to any business that doesn’t have a continuity plan to think again about whether they need one, as not having one could have a significant impact on their business.”

If anyone would like to know more, please contact Julie.

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