London Headquartered International law firm Mackrell Turner Garrett reflects on the legalisation of Cannabis in Canada

Posted on Wednesday October 17, 2018

Today is the first day that recreational cannabis has become legal in Canada, making it the first G7 nation to legalise the recreational use of the drug nationwide.

This new industry is to be strictly regulated and much of the specific details on the regulatory models have been devolved to the individual provinces to decide for themselves.

Meanwhile, there are strict guidelines from the Government health authority on what information the packaging for the cannabis products must contain and there are restrictions on how much cannabis an individual can grow.

This is not a spontaneous and reckless decision. This is a decision that has been discussed, formulated and implemented by the Canadian Government over the last two years.

The preparation has been thorough and robust and the world will be watching to see how legalisation impacts upon the country economically, socially and politically.

Mackrell Turner Garrett’s Cannabis Regulatory Department, one of the first set up in the UK to advise and assist businesses in the UK operating in the legal CBD market has been closely monitoring developments.

Robert Jappie, who heads up the department, said: “Thanks to our position as a founding member of Mackrell International, a network of 94 law firms around the globe, we have a unique insight into the preparation that has been put into making Canada’s plans a reality. We have four Mackrell International firms in Canada who have been doing a huge amount of work in the Regulatory, Corporate and Commercial areas – including supporting and assisting the cannabis industry.

“Our close ties with our partner MI firms gives our team at Mackrell Turner Garrett direct access to experienced lawyers with specialist knowledge in this field – not only in Canada but in US States such as Nevada and Colorado. We are excited to see how things progress in Canada, while here in London we are ready for the UK to take the same progressive steps in due course.”

Mackrell Turner Garrett is already working with businesses in the UK’s legitimate cannabis industries and is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association UK, whose members are benefiting from the regulatory advice provided by Robert and his team.

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