Mackrell Turner Garrett says Health and Safety regulations are here to stay

Posted on Monday October 8, 2018

London law firm, Mackrell Turner Garrett, says that businesses must not neglect current regulations in their preparation for Brexit.

Between 1997 and 2009, 41 out of the 65 health and safety regulations were introduced under EU law.

However, Mackrell Turner Garrett, says that companies should not expect an immediate change to regulations and is calling on companies to review their current practices and training to ensure they comply with the Health Safety Executives guidance, the Health and Safety Work Act and other laws relating to health and safety.

Robert Jappie, Head of Regulatory law at Mackrell Turner Garrett, said: “The Government, in its Brexit white paper, has made it clear that it does not intend to reverse the current protections offered to workers under the current health and safety rules, despite what some politicians may suggest in Parliament.”

“Although some managers and owners may find the current legislation too bureaucratic, they are important in ensuring employees are protected and can help businesses should they be litigated against after a person is injured.”

Robert warned that failing to meet current standards could also lead to significant fines, lengthy investigations, poor publicity and criminal prosecution.

“Businesses should be aware that breaching the Act could lead to a maximum penalty of up to £20,000 if dealt with in the magistrates’ court, rising to an unlimited fine if dealt with by the Crown Court,” added Robert.

“Owners can even be prosecuted and face time in jail for not ensuring the right standards are in place in the most serious cases.”

Mackrell Turner Garrett often assists businesses to conduct regular and thorough reviews of their health and safety practices and policies and can offer training for new and existing staff.

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