New conveyancing system will help Brits hoping to live abroad

New conveyancing system will help Brits hoping to live abroad

London and Surrey-based law firm Mackrell Turner Garrett are highlighting the importance of a new online conveyancing tool that has been designed to make the process of buying a property in Europe easier.

Developed by the Cross Border e-Conveyancing Project, and supported by the European Land Registry Association, the new online resource called NetPRO, will enable foreign notaries to access resources that will help them answer any legal questions they may have about other countries property legislation.

Created with the help of the Land Registry, the system will assist consumers by allowing them to use a notary from their own country to buy a property elsewhere in the EU – increasing consumer confidence in European conveyancing.

Head of Property Law at Mackrell Turner Garrett, Nick Davies, said the new system would have a significant impact on the conveyancing process for European properties and would help restore confidence in foreign housing markets.

“The introduction of this new system can only be a good thing for people looking to move abroad and will help notaries better understand the complexities of foreign property regulations.

“But it is important that people understand the implications of the new system and seek the advice of a legal professional in order to ensure their property purchase goes smoothly.”

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