Mackrell Bitesize Litigation Webinars

Our Bitesize Webinar series covers a wide range of thought-provoking litigation topics.

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We hope you enjoy watching these presentations and learn more about the support and expertise on offer at Mackrell.Solicitors.

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Disputed Probate

In this video, Jeffrey Cohen, Senior Associate and Head of our Private Client department, discusses disputed probate.


Lease or Property Disputes

In this video, Adam Kelman, Paralegal, discusses property disputes.


Force Majeure or Frustration Claim

In this video, Thomas Hulme, one of our Solicitors, discusses Force Majeure and Frustration Claims.


Failed Corporate Transaction

In this video, Maung Aye, Partner in our Corporate and Commercial department, discusses failed corporate transactions.


Unpaid Child and Spousal Maintenance

In this video, Alison Green, Head of our Family & Relationship team, discusses unpaid child and spousal maintenance.


Injunction or Freezing Order

In this video, Thomas Spencer, Associate Solicitor in our Litigation and Disputes department, discusses injunctions and freezing orders.


Data Protection Breached

In this video, Sej Lamba, Solicitor in our Corporate and Commercial department, discusses data protection breaches.

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