This stage of our Athlete Journey encompasses those who have just made the decision to retire, as well as those deep into retirement from their professional career. Athletes in this stage may have already started new roles in sport or may be thinking about new commercial opportunities.

Mackrell.Solicitors have a history of assisting high net worth individuals on their family, inheritance, property, litigation and corporate matters. Athletes in this stage need carefully consider how they plan to work (if at all) after they retire form professional sport, the training they will need and the legal and financial structures required.

Athletes may be looking to start a new business, enter the media world, retire quietly or invest in start-ups. We are on hand to advise and guide our clients on the legal implications and processes that need to be followed to achieve these post-retirement goals.

Please see the content below which gives guidance on some of the key decisions and legal issues faced by athletes during this stage of their career.


  • A Life Coach’s Guide to Career Change (guest comment from Nisha Vyas (personal and professional coach))
  • A Brief Guide to Share and Asset Purchases for Retired Athletes (Mackrell.Solicitors Corporate Team)
  • A Brief Guide to Estate Planning for Retired Athletes (Mackrell.Solicitors Private Client Team)
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