Cross Border Disputes

Disputes between organisations or individuals based in different countries require specialist legal support to deal with the often complex issues which result from multiple jurisdictions.

Our Dispute Resolution team has wide ranging experience of cross-border disputes and international arbitration.

As the founders of Mackrell International (MI), one of the largest international organisations of independent law firms in the world, we are also uniquely placed to be able to partner with other MI firms to procure immediate international legal advice for our clients and access to international jurisdictions in every corner of the globe.

We can advise on:

  • Complex, sensitive and high-value single and multi-party international arbitrations
  • Cross border disputes
  • Dispute resolution
  • International litigation
  • LCIA and International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)
  • Matters involving national and international corporations
  • Matters on behalf of high and ultra-high net worth individuals
  • Acting for a US hedge fund against a UK bank in a claim for in excess of $10m claiming misrepresentation.
  • Acting for a US film producer in a claim against a UK media company claiming commercial infringement of rights.
  • Acting for a US high net worth individual in a claim against a UK architect designer claiming substantial over invoicing.
  • Acting for a South American company in a £12m claim against a Canadian conglomerate – share dispute.
  • Acting for a UK company director in defending a claim against an Iranian state owned business – alleged misallocation of payments.
  • Acting for a Middle Eastern Royal in defending a £20m+ claim made by a UK bank – alleged bank guarantee default.
  • Acting for an international foreign exchange trading business in parallel arbitrations with a London seat in a multi-jurisdictional, complex, high-value dispute. Value: $4 billion
  • Acting in international oil sanctions arbitration, in which we represent the claimant in relation to the defendant’s failure to pay for delivery of diesel cargo. Value: £40 million +
  • Acting for a West African company operating in the utilities industries in an LCIA Arbitration with a London seat applying Nigerian law in connection with the alleged acquisition of an African utility company by an international corporation. Value: £40 million +
  • Acting in a very complex cross-border injunction involving three continents, injuncting worldwide assets to prevent dissipation of the defendants’ assets in support of our client’s arbitration and court claims in Hong Kong. We obtained domestic injunctions from the Queen’s Bench Division of the Royal Courts of Justice in support of court proceedings and arbitration in Hong Kong. Injunctions were also sought simultaneously in Hong Kong and Australia. Value: £2 million
  • Acting for a Finnish shipping container company on an enforcement matter for an international arbitration award. The parties to the arbitration were also involved in ongoing Commercial Court proceedings and time was of the essence to obtain recognition of the award and enforce judgment over assets located in England as part of the overall litigation strategy. As part of enforcement a worldwide freezing order was obtained against the defendants. Value: £1 million +
  • Investment treaty arbitration under the rules of the ICSID, involving an EU Member State and a US company. The arbitration involved a claim relating to the treatment by the authorities of a privatised company in which the US company invested. Value: $150 million +
  • Arbitration under the LCIA Rules for clients based in West Africa – acting for an ultra-high net worth individual investigating a claim in deceit relating to the sale of the entire shareholding of a company, which owned a substantial asset in the Caspian Sea region of the former Soviet Union.

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