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The number of international family legal disputes is on the increase. As more people choose to live and work overseas, or form relationships with partners who are not UK nationals, so the number of ‘international families’ has risen – and with it cross-border disputes relating to divorce, relationship breakdown or arrangements for children has also increased.

Where such disputes arise, it is vital to seek early advice from the team at Mackrell. Solicitors who have particular knowledge of international family law.

As the founders of Mackrell International, one of the largest international organisations of independent law firms in the world, we are also uniquely placed to be able to partner with member firms to procure immediate international legal advice for our clients and access to international jurisdictions in every corner of the globe.

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Recent cases and expertise

Alison Green is Head of the International Family Law Team at Mackrell.Solicitors An expert in family law in a wide range of international jurisdictions, Alison is particularly renowned for her expertise in family law issues relating to Middle Eastern countries.

Much of her case work in recent years has come from expatriates living and working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and in particular expatriate husbands or wives who live in Dubai.

Mrs A

The International Family Law Team at Mackrell.Solicitors, headed by Alison Green, have acted on behalf of Mrs A in relation to divorce, children and financial issues.  The parties had a short marriage; Mr & Mrs A had separated and Mrs A returned to her native New Zealand with her child in the belief that Mr A was in agreement with the relocation.

This issue triggered Hague Convention proceedings in New Zealand in which Mr A was successful in securing the return of the child to England as he argued he had not agreed with the move. With Mackrell’s help Mrs A issued an application for permission to relocation from England to New Zealand and, following a contested hearing, she has successfully relocated.

Mrs B

Alison Green, who heads Mackrell’s International Family Law Team has acted on behalf of Mrs B who is South African but is based in Dubai. Divorce proceedings against Mr B were issued, who is a British national but is also based in Dubai. Jurisdiction was obtained in England as a result of the husband’s domicile here and after a negotiated financial settlement proved impossible, English court proceedings were issued to deal with the financial issues between the parties.. Both parties have property in England, Scotland and Dubai.

These are just two examples of a myriad of situations which arise which the International Family Law Team can assist with.

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