Choosing a jurisdiction

The decision regarding which country has jurisdiction over your matrimonial and family law proceedings can make a significant difference to the outcome.

In cases where each party has equal grounds to proceed in their ‘home country’ there can often be a race to issue proceedings in the country which is felt to offer a more favourable outcome – commonly known as ‘forum shopping’. This is particularly common in cross-border cases involving other European countries where the current legislation provides that whoever issues proceedings first secures jurisdiction.

Swift advice is critical. At Mackrell.Solicitors our specialist International Family Team can advise you on the best country for your case to be heard, both in terms of financial settlement and issues relating to arrangements for children.

  • Cross border divorces involving parties with international corporate or offshore assets
  • Finances and asset protection – including freezing of overseas assets and enforcement in foreign jurisdictions
  • Parental responsibility disputes
  • Pre-nups and post-nups – including advice on choosing a jurisdiction clause
  • Relocation of children – including where a parent wishes to relocate outside England to another jurisdiction
  • Validity of marriage issues
  • Working with expatriates based overseas, especially in the United Arab Emirates
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