BREAKING NEWS – Premier League Training could begin in Iceland

Posted on Thursday May 14, 2020

Mohit Pasricha

The Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið has revealed that the country’s authorities are in talks with a number of international football clubs to provide a ‘safe haven’ for training.

The country, which has a low rate of COVID-19 infections, is understood to have begun informal discussions with Premier League teams about the prospect of allowing players to visit and train ahead of the much-anticipated restart of the season.

The paper also reports that some Spanish teams have indicated an interest in training in Iceland as well. As yet no formal discussions have taken place with any teams, but it is understood that meetings are due to take place early next week.

Mohit Pasricha, Head of Sports Law at Mackrell.Solicitors said: “It would seem that these talks are at a very early stage at this moment and so far nothing concrete has been agreed, but it clearly shows a strong desire from Premier League clubs to get back to ‘normal’ and start training.

“It may seem extreme flying a team and all the coaches and support staff to Iceland, but the country’s low rate of infection may make it a far safer option for clubs, who will be concerned about preventing the spread of the virus as the season begins again in the coming weeks or months.”

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