LexisNexis Legal Awards 2024 - Finalist

Innovative law firm Mackrell.Solicitors is celebrating its latest award nomination for the Business Development Award at the prestigious Lexis Nexis Legal Awards 2024.

This recognition is a testament to Mackrell.Solicitors’ growth and its unique approach to marketing and business development, which has seen it become a leader in several areas.

The firm’s dedication to innovation is reflected in its cutting-edge approach to digital advertising and client engagement, which has helped the firm achieve a significant return on investment.

By utilising the latest technology to help create our business development strategies, Mackrell.Solicitors is successfully adapting to the evolving landscape of online marketing to create content and campaigns with real resonance.

As a founding member of Mackrell International, a global network of law firms, Mackrell.Solicitors has also consistently enjoyed international growth – both in new clients and as a thought leader.

This strategic alliance has allowed the firm to provide high-quality legal services to clients in up to 60 nations worldwide and establish a strong presence in key international markets through its partnership with other member firms.

On top of these achievements Mackrell.Solicitors has become an expert in the creation and launch of several niche services, including its unique cannabis law department.

This pioneering move has enabled Mackrell.Solicitors to provide comprehensive legal advice and representation to clients navigating the complex regulations in the cannabis industry.

Nigel Rowley, Senior Partner at Mackrell.Solicitors, said: “The Lexis Nexis Legal Awards are renowned for celebrating excellence and innovation within the legal profession, and we are honoured to be among the esteemed shortlisted candidates for the Business Development Award.

“This nomination underscores the firm’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the legal industry’s evolution and its commitment to delivering outstanding legal services to clients worldwide.”

Mackrell.Solicitors looks forward to the awards ceremony later this year on 14 March, where it hopes to connect with industry peers and celebrate the accomplishments of the UK legal profession.