Mackrell.Solicitors says International Day of Families highlights the need for support during these difficult times

Posted on Friday May 15, 2020

The London-based international law firm, Mackrell.Solicitors, says the UN’s International Day of Families will have a special resonance this year as millions spend time in lockdown together.

The Coronavirus pandemic has placed an immense amount of pressure on families and it is thought that many couples may, unfortunately, feel the need to separate as a result of conflict that has arisen due to the challenges of the lockdown measures.

This outbreak has also seen some parental arrangements disrupted, despite Government guidance to the contrary, and some parents are likely to be anxious to see children on a regular basis once again.

The UN’s International Day of Families was launched to help legislators and Governments focus on the needs of families and the issues they face, which is why Mackrell.Solicitors believe it is important to recognise its importance this year.

Alison Green, Head of the firm’s Family and Relationship Team, said: “The Coronavirus and the restrictions placed on everyday life have had a significant impact on people’s lives, not least their relationships with their partners and families.

“Although we are now hopefully approaching a period where Governments can begin to ease lockdown measures, in many cases, the damage may have already be done and so legislators must recognise the impact this will have on society in future.”

Alison said another key area where family disputes may arise is in relation to finances, particularly child and spousal maintenance payments.

That is why Mackrell.Solicitors is hosting a webinar on 19th May 2020 entitled, Revisiting Financial Orders and Arrangements in the COVID-19 world, which will explore the options open to families in dispute.

The Family & Relationship Team will be joined by Maria Scotland of 5 St Andrews Hill Chambers to provide straightforward advice and answers to separated or separating couples on financial questions.

If you would like to take part in this webinar, which begins at 11am, please click here.