Mackrell Turner Garrett announces new membership of Crypto Valley Association

Posted on Tuesday February 19, 2019

Leading blockchain and cryptoasset experts at London-based international law firm Mackrell Turner Garrett have been welcomed as one of the latest members of the Crypto Valley Association.

The firm has been accepted as a member of the independent, government-supported association, whose aim is to build the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic technologies ecosystem.

Launched originally in Switzerland, the association now has hubs around the world, from which it hopes to foster innovation in blockchain and cryptographic technology.

As an established supporter of businesses and individual investors in this field, Mackrell Turner Garrett hopes to broaden its expertise and make new connections through the association, which regularly holds conventions around the world.

Thomas Hulme, one of Mackrell Turner Garrett’s resident specialists in the fields of cryptoassets, said: “The world of blockchain and cryptoassets continues to evolve at a pace and we feel there is much that we can gain from our new membership of this association and much that we can also provide to its members.

“We are looking forward to playing an active role as interest in this exciting industry continues to grow.”

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