Guvvy Sandhu

Having worked on more than 300 international M&A transactions, Guvvy is an experienced corporate and commercial solicitor with more than a decade and a half’s experience assisting businesses from a wide range of sectors.

Guvvy is a specialist in acquisitions and disposals and enjoys seeing sellers and buyers achieving their goals.

His key focus as a consultant solicitor is to ensure that the commercial drivers in a deal are always kept at the forefront of a transaction.

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Guvvy Sandhu – It was not an easy process due to COVID resulting in an aborted sale however with your help we managed to secure progress with a previous bidder bringing the sale to completion.

It was great that you progressed the legal matter without unnecessary referrals to myself and your dedication at all hours of the day and night certainly helped.

Thank you once again.

Corporate – I have just completed the sale of my business through Mackrell. Solicitors with Guvvy, Rob and the team.  While I know my business inside out I know nothing of the legal side involved in what it takes to sell a business, Guvvy has been patient and understanding in ensuring I fully understand all aspects of the deal.  The team have been extremely responsive and we have completed the sale in a very short time.  I have utter trust and confidence that my best interests have been served at every point and would not hesitate to recommend 100%.

Guvvy – My business has been acquired by RSK Ltd, an outstanding group that will create an environment that will allow my business to flourish.  I am very happy with the outcome especially through the covid period.

I would like to genuinely thank Mackrell for helping me through the legal process every step of the way in a practical manor. The process can be demanding at times and Mackrell were always on hand to advise through to completion.