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This stage of our Athlete Journey relates to athletes who are experienced in their sport and have a strong advisory team around them. Athletes at this stage are focused on maintaining performance, career longevity, retirement planning and maximising their income during the peak of their career.

Our elite clients in this stage of their Athlete Journey have recognisable and established personal brands that they need to protect and capitalise on as they look to move into the final years of their careers. Maximising an athlete’s income and commercial activity at this stage is often done at the expense of having the necessary legal protections in place. We work to ensure that this is not the case. Instead we look to provide commercial and legally protective solutions that enable our athletes to continue to grow their brand.

We help athletes and their agents or managers navigate a range of commercial arrangements that they will be presented with at this stage, including: large sponsorship deals, brand disputes, media agreements and various other matters relevant to athletes during the peak of their career. We also regularly utilise our Mackrell International network of firms around the world, our Property Team and our various security, concierge and transport connections to assist with international relocations for those at this stage of their Athlete Journey.

Please see the content below which gives guidance on some of the key decisions and legal issues faced by athletes during this stage of their career.


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