Employment Tribunals – Range of legal

Range of legal costs for advice – excluding Disbursements
It is necessary to give a bracket for estimated costs because the level of work and therefore the level of costs will depend on whether each individual claim is relatively simple, of average complexity or highly complex and/or whether there are numerous documents and/or witnesses. Out of necessity we are therefore looking at indications and accurate figures will only become apparent as each claim unfolds.
Form ET1The Claim Form outlining your case and the nature of your dispute. This includes the Particulars of Claim which set out the factual detail of your claim and its legal basis £1,000 + VAT £200 to £5,000 + VAT £1,000.
Form ET3The Defence which sets out your response in detail when a claim has been made against you £1,000 + VAT £200 to £5,000 + VAT £1,000.
Case Management Hearings / DiscussionA hearing to enable the parties to discuss and manage the claim and the Tribunal to set a timetable for compliance with and orders or directions it makes £2,000 + VAT £400 to £5,000 + VAT £1,000.
Additional Steps including dealing with the disclosure of all relevant documents and the preparation and exchange of witness statements £2,000 + VAT £400 to £10,000 + VAT £2,000.
Preparation for the hearing including agreeing a bundle of documents, a list of issues, etc. £2,000 + VAT £400 to £5,000 + VAT £1,000.
Attending the hearing, including instructing a barrister to represent you, at a daily rate, including the barrister’s fee, of approximately £3,500 + VAT £700.